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Trustworthy maid service providers in Bergenfield, NJ

Why waste time and energy when you can have experienced cleaners make your chores go away? MaidWhiz is here to take away your stress by freeing you from annoying household chores. Take a well-deserved break and enjoy your free time while our go-getters make every inch of your home shine with eco-friendly products that bring excellent results. Book MaidWhiz and enjoy a home that looks great and smells fresh every day of the week.

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Top office cleaning for greater productivity

It’s not just homeowners who get to enjoy the superb MaidWhiz services. If you need help keeping your office space clean and enhancing the efficiency of your employees, we’re the ones to call! Our team of expert cleaners uses all the latest tools and techniques to make your workspace shine and boost your business success. Not only will your work environment be hygienic, but it will also be completely allergen- and toxin-free. Reach out to MaidWhiz and never think about the state of your office again.



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Environmentally friendly residential or commercial cleaning service in Bergenfield, NJ


When you rely on the MaidWhiz experts for your home or office hygiene, your space will be cleaned with eco-friendly supplies and products which produce consistent results and keep your family or employees safe.  

  • We’ll use effective green agents to remove all traces of dangerous chemicals from your home or office.  
  • By using only HEPA-sealed vacuum cleaners, our pros will eliminate any chance of cross-contamination.    
  • Your floors will be absolutely spotless when our hygiene experts remove 99% of germs with their effective water-based steam mops. 
  • Your space will be fresh and healthy, being free from any chemical smells and bad odors. 
  • The supplies the MaidWhiz team uses are highly effective in eliminating harmful toxins from the environment and alleviating asthma and allergy symptoms. 

A fantastic money-back guarantee that brings happiness

Whether you choose us to take care of the cleanliness of your home or office, one thing will be certain: all of your expectations will be exceeded. If you happen to be unhappy with any part of your service, let us know and we’ll re-do any missed spots completely free of charge the very next day. Not only that but we’ll also give you your money back in full if you’re still not 100% satisfied with your service.


Exceptional janitorial services in Bergenfield, NJ

High quality

Available 24/7

Effortless payment

Rely on trusted experts for office cleaning in Bergenfield, NJ

What sets MaidWhiz apart from other cleaning companies is the dedication and professionalism of its expert team. We handpick each of them by performing a rigorous screening procedure and skill evaluation. 

Our maids are all:

  • Insured & bonded professionals 
  • Experienced & highly qualified 
  • Fluent English speakers 
  • Carefully background checked
  • Carefully interviewed in person
  • Evaluated to ensure excellence
  • Renowned for their expertise 
  • Rated after each cleaning

Hassle-free house cleaning service in Bergenfield, NJ

Staying on top of chores is in no way easy. That’s why we do what we do! MaidWhiz strives to free as many home and business owners from their annoying chores, making sure they have the time needed to live a fulfilled life. 

Our competent pros will go the extra mile to match your chosen service to your personal schedule, ensuring maximum convenience. While they take care of your chores, you’ll get to use your free time doing what you love. Why not unwind at Overpeck County Park or enjoy the nature at Saddle River County Park with your friends? We’ll take care of the housework! 

Prime commercial cleaning service in Bergenfield, NJ is just the tip of the iceberg

You can entrust all of your cleaning tasks to us since we offer a remarkable variety of cleaning services in Bergen County, NJ. We offer everything from matchless office cleaning services in Bergen County, NJ to unparalleled window cleaning service in Cliffside Park, NJ because it’s our mission to make as many customers as possible happy with their pristine home and work environments. Why wait? Get in touch with us and schedule an appointment. Cleaning excellence is only a click away!

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