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#1 window cleaning in Rockland County

No home or business can look its best without shiny, clean windows. That’s why MaidWhiz is here to make sure your windows are stain and smudge-free by providing you with superior cleaning services rendered by seasoned cleaning professionals. No matter how high or big your windows are, our expert cleaners will make them shine with the utmost precision and attention to detail, leaving them absolutely spotless. Whether you need your interior or exterior windows cleaned, we guarantee they’ll be streak-free every time.

Why pick our window cleaning in Rockland County, NY?

In addition to providing you with impeccable cleaning services, we also give you more free time to do what you enjoy doing the most. Whether you want to spend quality time with your family or focus on your business, our cleaning superstars will make sure you have no cleaning worries on your mind. What’s more, we’ll pay attention to your schedule to provide you with a window cleaning that’s fully customized to meet your individual needs. MaidWhiz will do all of this and more to ensure you get nothing but the ultimate cleaning experience.



Pet/human friendly

Exceptional eco-friendly window cleaning in Rockland County


Here at MaidWhiz, we always go to great lengths to ensure our services are environmentally conscious and completely safe for both humans and animals. We do everything in our power to give you a window cleaning experience that keeps you safe and helps protect the environment.   

  • Our seasoned maids use high-quality eco-friendly cleaning supplies that produce great results and contain no dangerous toxins and chemicals. 
  • We’ll give you fresh and germ-free windows and leave no harmful chemicals or unpleasant odors behind.
  • The cleaning go-getters in our team will get rid of all toxins on your windows and keep your allergies at bay.

A superb money-back guarantee that will make you happy

MaidWhiz promises you’ll be absolutely satisfied with the quality of service our hygiene experts bring to the table. This is because we know that every single maid on our team is a highly trained, diligent individual with an unparalleled set of skills. We are so confident in their abilities that we will re-do any missed spots you might be dissatisfied with the very next day after you reach out to us and give you a full refund if you’re not 100% happy after the re-clean.  


Top-ranking window cleaning Rockland County, NY relies on

Matchless quality

Always here to help

Safe cash-free payment

Dependable professionals for window cleaning in Rockland County

Our peerless cleaning experts love making Rockland County and Bergen County residents happy by providing them with flawless looking windows that can give any building a fresh, new look. We guarantee you’ll find no one better for the job because we conduct a strict vetting process to ensure all of our maids are meticulous, determined and trustworthy. 

Rest assured that all of our window cleaners are:

  • Insured & bonded experts
  • Seasoned & competent 
  • Fluent English speakers 
  • Carefully screened & assessed
  • Interviewed and evaluated in person 
  • Assessed through trial cleanings
  • Loved and rated by our customers 
  • Evaluated after every cleaning

Get your time back with unsurpassed window cleaning services

When you let MaidWhiz take care of your windows’ appearance, you’ll never have to worry about smudges or stains again. Our cleanliness experts will stop at nothing to deliver the best window cleaning in Rockland County, NY every single time, making sure to match the service to your schedule to give you a perfect tailor-made experience. What’s more, we’ll give you more time to enjoy the views from Dunderberg Mountain or unwind at Tallman Mountain State Park. Reach out to us and see why we’re the best!

First-class window cleaning in Rockland County and Bergen County

We don’t stop at providing you with impeccable windows! MaidWhiz is also your go-to company for:

Also contact us for expert window cleaning in Bergen County. Our cleaning superstars will take care of your cleaning needs with unmatched skill and expertise, giving you a professional cleaning experience like no other!

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