Professional Window Cleaning in Bergen County, NJ

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Sparkling clean windows every time

Business and homeowners are unanimous: windows covered in dirt, grime and smudges look downright nasty. It takes a genuine expert to tackle the issue efficiently and effectively. Prepare to be wowed by the outstanding results of professional window cleaning in Bergen County NJ. MaidWhiz has put together a team that boasts professionalism, experience and remarkable expertise. They check all the boxes, and it’s high time you found out how clean your home and your windows can yet become!

#1 Window cleaning in Bergen County NJ

Life is hectic, uncertain and too short to be making poor choices and settling for less. If you need your office windows clean, leave it to the best in the business. If your home windows need cleaning, call the pros instead of shouldering the burden. Our cleaners are highly competent professionals who know just what to do. You can forget all about stains, smudges, dirt and grime. In fact, once they’re done, your windows will look so clean that you’ll be seeing the world in a whole different light!



Pet/human friendly

Superior eco-friendly window cleaning in Bergen County, NJ


Spotless windows look impressive, especially when this is accomplished using effective strategies and environmentally friendly cleaning supplies. As a forward-thinking company, we are firm believers in the green approach, and so are our cleaners.

  • To work their magic, our cleaners use high-quality green cleaning products that ensure your satisfaction and health and safety of everyone involved. 
  • Your windows will not only look spotless, but also be absolutely germ-free without a trace of chemicals left behind.
  • Full removal of toxins that get trapped on the window glass promotes better health and alleviation of allergy symptoms.

Absolute satisfaction guarantee or full refund

Before welcoming new people on board, we have candidates jump through hoops because we need to make absolutely certain that we are making the right choice. In candidates, we look for competence, experience and professionalism rolled into one. The chances that one of our handpicked cleaners will disappoint you are slim. But if that does happen, let us know right away so we can perform your re-clean the following day, or, if that fails to cut it, give you a full refund!


Unrivaled quality window cleaning in Bergen County, NJ

Flawless execution

At your beck & call

Secure payment

Window cleaning in Bergen County, NJ: leaving nothing to chance

Cleaning the house is not a challenge in and of itself. To most people, it is just daunting and tedious. What turns it into a challenge is if your desired effect is to have the windows looking immaculate. Luckily for you, our trusted crew can rise to any cleaning challenge!

You can trust all the cleaners to be:

  • Insured & bonded
  • Highly experienced & skilled
  • Native speakers of English
  • Strictly vetted & tested
  • Assessed & interviewed in person
  • Assessed during the trial cleaning
  • Top-rated by the clients
  • Performance-assessed after cleaning

Take back your time while pros perform the finest window cleaning in Bergen County, NJ

When you book MaidWhiz, you get a service that is tailored to your home or business and your needs and preferences. Our cleaners go through every step of the cleaning process with meticulous attention to detail in an effort to produce the optimal effect. They are efficient professionals with a long and successful track record and a wide set of skills who always go all out to achieve results. Your windows and home will look better than ever and you’ll be free to take a trip to the Pascack Valley or the Atwood-Blauvelt mansion.

Top-rated window cleaning in Bergen County, NJ or Rockland County, NY and more!

Sparkling clean windows? You’ve got it! We also provide the best window cleaning services in Rockland County. But our cleaners’ expertise goes beyond that.

 Whether you need us for one of our personalized house cleaning services in Bergen County, NJ or Rockland County, New York, we’ve got your back. If it is your business that you want looking spick and span, book one of our in-depth office cleaning services in Bergen County, NJ or Rockland County, NY. 

Our competent team will also perform dependable move in/out services and meticulous post construction services to eliminate the dust in these areas. We’ll never let your expectations down. In fact, we’ll go out of our way to exceed them!

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