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Superb house cleaning services in Orangetown, NY

Why waste time worrying about chores when you can rely on MaidWhiz and have expert cleaners make your home shine with unmatched expertise and attention to detail? Take a break from cleaning for once and relax while our seasoned cleaning pros get rid of all toxins and harmful microbes in your home, leaving a fresh, natural smell behind. They use eco-friendly products that not only produce excellent results, but also protect the environment and the health of your family.

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Office cleaning Orangetown, NY business owners love

If you’re looking for top-quality office cleaning services that will allow you to focus on attaining business success, we’ve got you covered! Our expert crew consists of competent cleaners who know all the ins and outs of commercial cleaning and will make sure you never have to worry about the state of your office again. The effective cleaning agents they use will remove harmful bacteria from your office, enabling your employees to work in a fresh and healthy environment.



Pet/human friendly

Environmentally conscious house cleaning services Orangetown, NY loves


We care about the health of our customers and the environment. That’s why we only use green cleaning agents that leave no dangerous chemicals behind and are completely safe for humans, pets and the planet. 

  • Your property will be cleaned to perfection with eco-friendly cleaning products that remove all toxins and harmful chemicals. 
  • Our cleaners use only HEPA-sealed vacuums that ensure no dirt is transferred from other clean-ups, eliminating all risks of cross-contamination. 
  • We make your floors squeaky clean by using steam mops that work with nothing but water to remove 99.9% of microbes
  • We take all the necessary steps to provide all of our customers with a healthy, clean and toxin-free environment
  • Our expert crew will employ specialized techniques to remove all toxins from your property, alleviating allergy or asthma symptoms.

Maid service in Orangetown, NY with a fantastic money back guarantee

There’s nothing we care about more than your complete happiness. Every aspect of the service we provide you with is designed to ensure maximum convenience and satisfaction. What’s more, we’ll go out of our way to re-do any areas you may be dissatisfied with at no additional cost shortly after you contact us. If you’re still unhappy with the cleaning results, you’ll get a full refund. Your satisfaction is our top priority!


Exceptional janitorial services Orangetown, NY can’t do without

Unmatched levels of quality

Assistance is available 24/7

Simple and secure online payment

Your cleaning experts leave no speck of dust behind

Every member of the MaidWhiz crew is a dependable, motivated individual who can clean any space to perfection with unrivaled ease. We know this because we conduct a rigorous vetting procedure for each new cleaner to see if they’re a good fit for our team. 

You can rest assured that all of our maids are:

  • Insured & bonded professionals
  • The finest cleaners in the region
  • English speaking hygiene experts
  • Carefully screened & fully vetted
  • Evaluated via one-on-one interviews
  • Passed an in-depth trial cleaning
  • Renowned for their vast expertise 
  • Rated after each cleaning session

Cleaning services designed to bring you convenience

Whether you’re working mom or a business owner, cleaning probably seems like a chore you could do without. It doesn’t have to be that way! Just reach out to MaidWhiz and our seasoned cleaners will make sure you don’t have to spend a minute of your time worrying about all the cleaning that needs to be done. Once you leave your chores to the professionals, you’ll finally have the time to catch a Broadway show or take some lovely pictures of the Kykuit with your friends or family. No matter how you choose to spend your time, you’ll know that your expert cleaners will take care of all your cleaning tasks while you relax for a bit.

Outstanding window cleaning in Orangetown, NY and more

MaidWhiz has got your back by providing efficient house cleaning services in Rockland County and expert office cleaning in Rockland County. Our cleaners are trained to deliver all kinds of services, from exceptional office and home cleaning in Clarkstown, NY to the finest cleaning services in Ramapo, NY. No matter what kind of challenge you set before us, we’ll take care of it with utmost professionalism and care. Schedule your appointment today!

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