Top-Quality Post Construction Cleaning Rockland County NY

Serving: Rockland County and Bergen County

What does post construction cleaning consist of?

Post construction cleaning is a challenge which requires determination, meticulous attention to detail and effective cleaning strategies that leave no room for a single speck of dust or trace of debris. This is why we put our cream-of-the-crop team of highly experienced experts in charge of post construction cleaning in Rockland County, NY. They will transform your home from top to bottom, eliminating all evidence that it was once a dusty, messy construction site.

Your next logical step after a home improvement project

A home improvement project is bound to bring a refreshing change into your home life, although you wouldn’t know it judging by the mess left in its wake. Not to worry! All you need is our tried-and-tested post construction cleaning in Rockland, NY that will reveal your home in its full splendor! The MaidWhiz crew will tackle dirt, dust and debris in every nook and cranny of your home swiftly and efficiently. We’ll turn that dusty construction site back into your beautiful home!



Pet/human friendly

Eco-friendly all the way: post construction cleaning in Rockland County NY


At first glance, it might seem that professional cleaning requires an aggressive approach which employs equally aggressive cleaning supplies that are toxic and dangerous. But here at MaidWhiz, we care about our impact on the environment and your health. All our supplies and tools are eco- and pet-friendly but highly effective nevertheless: 

  • Green cleaning supplies increase your home’s air quality, protecting your health;
  • High-quality HEPA filters render cross-contamination impossible;
  • We get rid of 99.9% of germs using only steam mops and the power of water;
  • We leave your home clean and fresh, free of dangerous residue of chemicals;
  • We remove all toxins from your home so you can breathe a sigh of relief and forget all about allergy symptoms.

Money back guarantee

All our cleaners are committed to providing high-quality services. As a team, we focus on our clients and their satisfaction. We are also open for communication. In case the clients are unhappy with the end-results, we ask that they let us know right away. We’ll go out of our way to resolve the issue as soon as possible, first by a free-of-charge re-do, and then by returning the full amount paid for the service to the client.


We bring a myriad of perks to our customers

Exceptional quality cleaning

Immediately available help

Secure payment process

Professionals you can trust to make your home sparkling clean

It is perfectly understandable that you are not exactly eager to let total strangers into your sanctuary. We can relate, which is why we go above and beyond to track down local cleaners who are not only passionate about this line of work, but also highly competent, trustworthy professionals you can have absolute confidence in. Everyone on the team is guaranteed to be:

  • Insured & bonded
  • An expert with vast experience
  • Speaking English
  • Background-checked & screened
  • Interviewed in person
  • Meeting our trial cleaning criteria
  • Top-rated by the clients
  • Reviewed after every appointment

Smooth from start to finish: from booking to completion

As a forward-thinking business, we go the extra mile to make your cleaning appointment with us simple, easy and convenient. It all starts with a quick and straightforward booking process and ends with the cash-free payment at the end. Add to that our transparent pricing, personable customer service focusing on seamless communication, and our hand-picked cleaners’ personalized approach to each home and you get a winning combination, one that makes MaidWhiz the number one choice for post construction cleaning in Rockland County, NY!

Your trusted choice in Rockland County & Bergen County

If you are after a reputable maid service in Rockland County, NY or highly efficient move in & move out cleaning in Rockland County, NY, you’ve come to the right place. We also offer dependable office cleaning services as well as meticulous window cleaning in the area. Whether you need post construction cleaning in Bergen County, NJ, Rockland County, NY or another specialized cleaning service, our team is guaranteed to deliver. Just let us prove it! Before you know it, cleaning chores will be no more than a distant memory!

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